Throughout the past six months, I have had the pleasure of working with Thom Hunter Pratt along with all of the Sunday School teachers from the Nursery, Children, Youth and Adult classes to create welcome videos. As the Sunday School Director, I wanted to promote the wonderful classes that we have at First Baptist. Sunday School has always been an important aspect of my spiritual growth and I know the importance of coming together each Sunday to grow in our knowledge of the Lord. My goal for these videos was to equip the Sunday School classes with a simple way to reach out to fellow church members and visitors that are not associated with a class by providing a good understanding of what classes are available and to promote a warm greeting to potential new classmates.

When the lights came on and the camera started rolling, the teachers kicked into action and performed AWESOME! They opened up their hearts and reminded us of what we are called to do—which is to make disciples. Some teachers only required one take, but others got their full money’s worth out of Thom Hunter. There were also some great bloopers along the way! I want to say a very special thanks to all those involved with making these videos! I know God will reap the rewards.

I also want to thank everyone that has already begun to use this tool to reach friends, neighbors, classmates and coworkers over the past weeks to help make our March High Attendance Sunday a success. My charge to the church is to continue to use these videos as an ice breaker when talking with others about what Christ has done for you as well as inviting them to church.

To access your Sunday School welcome video, please download the Church Center app and view your Sunday School group’s “About” page.

In Christ’s Love, Jason Covington