I recently commented to someone, “I go to so many meetings as a Pastor that I have ingrown shirttail. “ The meeting I enjoy more than any other meeting (sorry Deacons) is the Missions Committee. This committee receives requests from those going on mission trips and seeks to assist them in the cost of their trip. FBC is sending groups and individuals to Guatemala, Thailand, South Africa, Nigeria, Alaska, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. This adds up to 33 of our people, not counting the group serving on the Gulf Coast that will be “on mission” for God. FBC has traditionally been a strong mission giving church. I am excited that we are also a strong mission-sending church. By the way, this is just through the month of June in 2020.

Our first group that will be on mission consists of 5 adults and 9 students going to Guatemala March 9-14. It is certainly admirable they would use their Spring Break to share the life-saving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please put this group on the “top rung” of your prayer list.

Please be in your place for each of the 5 revival worship services March 1-4. Bro. Sam Moore is a Southern Baptist evan-
gelist that is being used mightily in churches. If you miss a service, you might miss the message God wanted you to hear. Bro. Mark will lead our music. He and the choir will bless our hearts and prepare us for the sowing of the seed, which is the Word of God. Invite someone that needs Christ, and God may very well use you to bring your friend to Christ.
A lot of work has gone into the Wild Game Supper scheduled for February 29 at 6 pm. Would you please cry out to God for this evangelistic outreach? We have the opportunity to see people come to Christ that would not come to a regular church service in their present spiritual condition.

Devotedly yours,
Bro. Tommy