Recently I was adding dates to my personal calendar, and I came to the month of February. When February was complete, I felt like I needed a nap. We have so many opportunities to minister the gospel this month. We have been together as Pastor and people for nine years, and we are involved in more ministries locally and overseas than any other time in my tenure as your Pastor. Your church needs your prayers, involvement, and faithful stewardship as we seek to follow the mandate of the Great Commission.

Our upcoming Wild Game Supper and church revival are two of those opportunities to minister the life-changing gospel. Sam Moore, a vocational evangelist from Bentonville, Arkansas, will speak at the Wild Game Supper and stay over for 4 days of revival services. God has gifted this man as a harvester evangelist. Yet, lost people will not get saved through these events unless they are in the services. As you read this, would you stop right now and ask God to enable you to bring someone to these services that need to be saved. May Romans 10:1 grip our hearts as we seek to be a link between a Saving God and lost people.

I encourage you to look at Sam Moore’s website at in order to become familiar
with Bro. Sam and his ministry. I love you and thank God for the privilege of serving you.