I want to start my article by sharing Psalm 55:22. The verse reads Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you. What a blessed promise from God’s word! This is one of many verses we can always hold near to our hearts and especially during the days of Covid-19. I want each of you who is in our KEENAGER (senior adult) age range to know that the FBC ministerial staff and I want you to have the things you need during this time of self-quarantine without you having to get out of your house to get them. I encourage you to PLEASE call the church office (662)563-7655 or me at (662) 934-0070, and we will do what needs to be done to keep you from having to get out.

Within the past few months, I’ve had several people mention to me that for our 2020 Gaither Style Singing we use “familiar songs” and/or “more songs that we’ve used in the past”. One of these people is a choir member. Another one is an instrumentalist who will be moving soon and the move will take a lot of his rehearsal time. A third person is my son, Brian. He told me that he would come and sing in the choir if he knows most of the songs. Of course, I would love for Brian, Stephanie, and Lyndi to be with us for that weekend. As I began working on our list of songs, I kept these suggestions in mind as I prayerfully considered what songs we would use this year. I believe that God used the suggestions of these people to lead me to use familiar songs. He knew all along that there would be an interruption that would cause us to postpone our singing.

Yes, I believe that we will have our annual Gaither Style Singing in 2020. And what singing it will be! I look forward to a choir of more voices than any previous year. As we gather for this time of worship, I believe we will have the most people attend than any of the previous twelve years! During our time of preparation Friday night and Saturday, we will not only rehearse but we will worship and praise our Heavenly Father! On that Sunday when we join for our singing we will sing, shout, rejoice and praise our awesome Lord and Savior! I look forward to our 2020 singing. We will reschedule ASAP and I look forward to each of you participating in whatever way God leads you!

Singing His Praises,

Bro. Mark