What comes to your mind when you think about “church”? Maybe you think about sermons, worship music, or perhaps you think about the warm fellowship of your Sunday School class. These are all blessed parts of our assembly as a church, but there are also many behind-the-scenes components (and servants!) who are needed to make our Sunday and Wednesday fellowship possible. One such department is the nursery.

Under Pat Gunter’s servant-leadership, our church serves up to 40 children on Sunday mornings and up to 15 on Sunday and Wednesday nights. There are some core servants who join Pat in this ministry, and we are grateful for each Sunday School teacher and each volunteer who serves in this behind-the-scenes capacity. Thank you for your heart to serve our little ones! Though my children are grown, I haven’t forgotten how much physical work is invested in meeting the needs of each child.

In addition to expressing gratitude to Pat and her team for their hard work and for the advances in the artistic decoration and operations of the nursery, I also want to make an appeal. We have been blessed with a “baby boom” here at First Baptist. We are so very thankful for the young couples and for the opportunity to be part of the spiritual journeys of these children. But we do need more help. We need servants from all adult ages to step up and be part of this exciting, growing nursery ministry. You will be guided and encouraged by Pat, and you will receive blessings from the experience. If you sense God’s leadership to serve, make Pat’s day and give her a call or text at (662) 571-8521 and say, “I want to help!”