As our Upward season comes to an end on February 15, I wanted to thank you for all the support you have given. We have 225 children playing in the 1st-6th grade leagues at our church, and the Methodist church has 80 teenagers playing in the 7th-12th grade leagues. Through this ministry, we are able to reach over 300 children, their parents, grandparents, and friends with the gospel. We have over 500 people come through our gym each week where they encounter the gospel and the ministries of our church.

I want to thank everyone who has volunteered their time to minister to the children and their parents. To coaches, referees, scorekeepers, concession stand workers, announcers, and other volunteers, we would not be able to have this ministry without you. Thank you to all who gave money for scholarships to allow children to play who are unable to afford the league cost. Thank you for praying for our league! Upward Basketball is a wonderful ministry of our church, and I appreciate the support of the church in reaching out to the community through basketball.

As we approach the end of the season, I would ask that you pray for our players and parents. At the last practice and the awards celebration, they will hear a clear gospel presentation. Pray that these presentations will convict hearts and that we will see fruit from this ministry! Pray that we will see connections made between the players and our church! Thank you for supporting the ministry of Upward, and please be in prayer as we wrap up our season!