We need revival in the modem church. This probably means that you and I need revival in our lives. Dr. Ron Herrod was greatly used of the Lord as a Pastor and later as a Vocational Evangelist. He went to be with the Lord late last year. I share the following article he wrote: Let me suggest 10 things that we ask God to produce in our lives today which would be the product of genuine revival.

1. A renewed living faith.
2. A new commitment to God to be faithful in worship and church attendance.
3. A greater zeal and desire to study God’s Word and to pray.
4. A renewed effort to win souls and participate in evangelism.
5. A putting away of sins, including criticism, grumbling, and gossip.
6. A renewed joy in the Lord.
7. A greater spirit of love and forbearance among God’s people.
8. A greater impact of witness in the community and nation.
9. A rising love and praise to God for His abundant goodness.
10. A loyalty to sound doctrine.

Devotedly yours,
Bro. Tommy