Dear Church Family,

Thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to serve as Nursery Director. My “season” is over and I feel that the Lord is ready for me to pass this on to someone younger. I have given it my ALL for a year and am resigning effective 7/31/19. I have prayed for a while about what to do after my year was up. I have finally received affirmation and will leave it bitter sweet. What a blessing this journey has been and the JOY of it all. I have met so many young people and have grown to love their precious little ones.

The nursery has grown and continues to grow! We have established a trust and bond with the parents and safety has been a priority. We must continue to enforce our policies and remain a cohesive group. I pray whomever is hired will follow through and continue with what has been put into place. The task was “BIG,” but I leave feeling good about our nursery as a whole. I have accomplished the goals I set, but only with God’s direction in my decisions.

We have so many wonderful and faithful volunteers, but we still need more! I will continue to pray for the nursery and whomever God sends to replace me. The nursery ministry is a vital part of our church growth. Thank You to everyone who has helped and made my job easier.

In Christ,
Pat Gunter, Nursery Director