Upward Basketball 2019-2020, here we go!

This year we have signed up more than 220 young people to play Upward Basketball. That means that in the months of November-February, we will experience a flow of more than 1,000 players plus family members/friends through our facilities! What a glorious opportunity to preach the gospel and to minister to children and families!

Children’s and Recreation Minister Kyle Brassell is doing a great job preparing us for this new season. Bro. Mark will again be leading our food sales, the proceeds of which go to missions. Bro. Tommy will be assisting on Friday nights with game administration. I will be leading the halftime preaching outreach and prayer room activities.

To measure up to this challenge and seize the spiritual opportunities, we need the help of the church. Here is how to pray:

  • Pray for our coaches. The preaching environment is challenging on game days, so the best evangelism opportunities come through our coaches at practice. Pray that our coaches would be intentional and sensitive to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. (Also pray for God to send us four more coaches!)
  • Pray for the preaching. I will be bringing messages most weeks, and we will have 2-3 guest speakers coming through this season as well. Pray that we would intentionally and passionately preach the gospel to these busy crowds that come through. If you have a word on your heart to share with these families, let me know and we can discuss scheduling you to bring the message.
  • Pray for the concussion stand leader and workers. Bro. Mark has a tough weekend as the cook and leader, especially during the December weekends with Christmas musicals requiring his efforts and focus as well.
  • Pray for Kyle and the logistics. God has sent this gifted young man to be a blessing to many, and this is already happening! Let’s ask the Lord to make this a productive, smooth season for all involved.

In Christian love,