The Bible teaches that there are seasons of life. The Bible also teaches that there is grace available through our Lord Jesus Christ to meet the particular challenges of each season of life (2 Cor. 12:9). I am learning that there are also seasons in marriage. Each season of marriage has its particular blessings and its challenges.

To emphasize the significance of marriage and to strengthen the marriages of our church, we will be hosting our second annual marriage conference April 5-6 (see more details on front page of Beacon). There is still time to sign up, and also there is time to invite your friends to attend. Wayne and Tina Hudson will bring full hearts and tremendous encouragement from the Word of God as they lead this conference. Wayne is a full-time evangelist/Bible teacher based in Kosciusko. Our very own Jay Johnson is putting together a praise team to lead us in our worship time as well.

You may be thinking, “Why should I come? My marriage is ok.” Well, for starters, marriage was not designed by God to be “ok.” Our God does all things well, and marriage is something that He gave us that is extra special! For us to enjoy marriage at the Godly level that He has made possible, we must give our marriage the investment of time and spiritual focus that our mate deserves. This annual conference is a great way to do just that! Also, many of our marriages are not “ok” if we’re being honest, so here is an opportunity to get out of that rut and to find some help in meeting those challenges.

You can sign up by clicking here, or by calling the office for assistance. Jennifer and I look forward to our time with you.

In Christian love,
John Howell Jr.